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What is The Remedy?

We are a team of skilled and passionate birth and postpartum doulas who have come together to offer a real world solution for a real life issue.


We are The Remedy.


We have made the conscious decision to continue to provide services to clients during this time. We are limiting the number of clients that we will accept for in-person birth support, but we are still offering virtual prenatal, birth and postpartum services. Please contact us should you have any questions.

You can also visit the link for more information about the COVID-19 Global Pandemic 

Thank you for supporting The Remedy as we continue to support you! 

The Remedy Client Experience Includes:

Consistent Support

Lower Cesarean Section Rates

Increased Vaginal Birth Rates

Encouraged 'Skin to Skin'

Increased Immediate Chestfeeding Initiation


Receipt of Evidence-based Childbirth Education 

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What is a Doula?

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When you have a prenatal doula, your birth companion will spend time with you before and after labor, providing you with emotional, informational and physical support. You get both of us at your prenatal visits, we take turns at births and postpartum visits, so you get double the support.


We’re here to help you make your big journey personal and safe. Whether you choose a hospital birth or a home birth, we will help you and your partner prepare for the unexpected moments during the birthing process and in the days that follow.

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The Postpartum period is an adjustment for all involved, its no wonder our "After Party" is the most popular service we offer.  We hold space and allow your new family to get acquainted. 

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"We are fiercely passionate about empowering birthing people, shifting the culture and reclaiming the work"